Natural language processing (NLP)

With advances such as BERT, GPT-3, and common-sense reasoning over knowledge graphs, the field of NLP is seeing a pace of innovation similar to that seen in Computer Vision and Speech Recognition five years ago. We are layering our innovations on top of these algorithms to build intelligent agents that can assist humans in everyday life.

Recommendation systems

We are reimagining recommendation systems via an approach that’s grounded in the use of NLP and personalization. We have built a technology preview that demonstrates this approach by allowing you to search for hikes using your own words. You can try out the experience today within our Una app. If you’re interested in checking out the experience via the web, sign up for access to the tech preview.

Engineering excellence

We care deeply about our craft and leverage modern, scalable technologies including Flutter, Firebase, and Kubernetes. We iterate quickly in an interdisciplinary manner via Framer and Figma and leverage agile product development practices such as Sprint.

If you wake up as excited as we do to work with and advance cutting edge technologies and make products that rethink stagnant experiences, join us!