hi there! we're XOKIND.

We bring the benefits of AI to everyone with beautiful, human-centered design.

About the company

Our products enable humankind to experience and accomplish more in their lives without compromising on privacy.

Arjun and Yinyin co-founded the company in 2019. Since then, we’ve raised $3.6M from a world-class team of investors. We’ve expanded from our San Diego office to welcome team members from across the US

Arjun Bansal
CEO & Co-founder

Yinyin Liu

CTO & Co-founder

William Bevan

Director of Marketing

Annie Devine

UI/UX Designer
Ajay Deshpande
Lead Backend Engineer
Max Buchan
Frontend Engineer
Dave Kim
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Why "XOKind"?

We are creating a kinder, more human world – and our name reflects that. XOKind is an AI company, but it has kindness firmly at its heart. We strive to build eXtraOrdinary products that can serve as your personal XO – XOKind!

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