ai lead scoring app

Predict any business outcome in real time with your custom lead scoring AI

Turn any historical dataset into smart predictions to identify and qualify future customers or opportunities

KPIs you can improve with AI

Conversion Rate

Predict if an offer is necessary to convert a new visitor using historical and real-time data

Average Order Value

Suggest the right products based on customers' demographic information and past interactions

Customer Lifetime Value

Score and smart segment past and new customers to focus on the most valuable ones

Demand Forecasting

Optimize inventory and reduce waste via predictions based on comprehensive data


Predict the customers most likely to churn and target outreach to improve your retention rate


Boost business metrics for any industry:

Lead scoring AI use cases

Dynamic paywalls

Improve your conversion rate with a dynamic paywall triggered by AI when a user is most likely to convert.

Real-time offers

Improve your engagement rate with the right lead magnet or promotion to convert visitors.

Personalized messages

Improve your conversion rate with personalized content and call to action based on your customer segmentation.

A simple process to leverage the power of AI for any team size

Step 1

Import your data from a wide variety of sources

Step 2

Train your AI with a few clicks

Step 3

Deploy your AI and make predictions using our API endpoint. Simple integration with code snippets for popular frameworks and languages.

Step 4

Monitor and improve your models directly on the platform. No additional backend engineering or devops work needed!

Identify, classify, personalize & predict with AI

XOKind AI platform allows you to create models to power smart automation and features to give your business a cutting edge advantage.
Use both unstructured and structured data sources for maximum gain.

Select your AI app
XOKind AI is a low-code platform to create several types of AI models in just a few clicks!
Train it with your data
Create a custom Machine Learning model based on your historical data. No ML experience or coding required!
Deploy the AI
Your AI is ready to be used via an API, fully managed by XOKind. Continuously monitor and retrain your models with new data.

Need help defining your AI project?

Book a 15-min consultation with an AI expert to identify the best use cases for your business.


Turn your data into predictive insights in record time