Customer support ai System

Resolve technical support requests faster with AI

Powerful contextual search and question answering capabilities powered by AI to improve your customer experience with fewer resources

What can you do with it?

Resolve support requests faster

Assist customer support teams with an AI system capable of finding and highlighting solutions within technical manuals in real-time.

Create your own AI support bot

Offer self-service AI support using XOKind’s API endpoint to answer customer support requests.

Improve over time with Continuous Learning

Boost your KPIs such as lowering case deflection rates by leveraging continuous improvement algorithms along with ongoing customer interactions to make your AI customized to your data and your use case.

How does our AI customer support work?

Understands technical documentations

Connect the customer AI system with your internal knowledge base, including application notes, user guides, videos, product manuals, past tickets and forum discussions.

Integrates & learn from your tools

Connect with your CRMs and other support softwares to drive faster ticket resolution and deliver exceptional customer service.

Extracts & finds the best answer

Get instant answers for support via contextual search through content in text, images, and videos. The model will find the best solution for any query.

Use internally or as a self-service bot

Connect the AI system using our API endpoint with your internal tools or with a chatbot. It can be used by your support team or by your customers directly.

Why XOKind’s Customer Support AI?

XOKind helps you turn large volumes of product manuals, tech notes, real customer support issues and resolutions into an AI model.

Reduce the timeline and budget needed to build your customer support AI.
Our customer support AI system can be trained and be ready to use in less than 1 month using our technology and API endpoints.

Leverage language models customizable to company- and product-specific language understanding, including highly technical areas such as chip design and consumer electronics.

Need help defining your AI project?

Book a 15-min consultation with an AI expert to identify the best use cases for your business.