Low code AI platform

The easiest way to do custom image classification

Build and deploy your custom model in less than 2 minutes

Created by recognized professionals

Using Few-Shot Learning

XOKind AI simply requires less data and training to reach 85% or more accuracy using few-shot learning technology.

Time needed to train & deploy

XOKind AI - 5 minutes

AWS Rekognition - 55 minutes

TensorFlow - 90+ minutes

Create custom image classification with no code

The XOKind AI platform empowers everyone to create a Machine Learning model in just a few clicks.

Simply add text to define your custom image labels. 

Train your model with less data

Fine tune your model with few shot learning technology. It requires less data and less time to train your custom image classification models.

Ready to use in any apps

Deploy your custom models via XOKind API to harness the power of AI in your projects.

AI models available to everyone

Discover additional AI features available with few-shot learn.

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Enable humankind to experience and accomplish more in their lives with AI.

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