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Most popular AI features

Dynamic Paywall
Custom lead scoring model

Trigger a paywall for users most likely to convert in real-time.

Lead Qualification
Custom lead scoring model

Predict the leads more likely to convert into customers using the data available.

Business Predictions
Custom lead scoring model

Turn any historical data into AI predictions with real-time capabilities.

Real-time Personalization
Custom lead scoring model

Display the right message or promotion to convert more visitors.

Investment Finder
Custom lead scoring model

Analyze investment opportunities or startups to predict the successful ones.

Why use AI in your software or app?

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can help you power smart features in your product. XOKind AI calculates in real-time the probability of any outcome. You can turn any historical dataset into smart predictions to identify and qualify future customers or opportunities in real-time.

Top 3 examples
- Identify leads most likely to convert from a simple form
- Estimate the lifetime value of a customer from a single purchase
- Trigger a paywall or lead magnet to visitors most likely to convert

Step 1: Import your data

Step 2: Train your AI with a few clicks

Step 3: Deploy your AI using our API

A time saver for product teams

Get your AI feature ready in a day instead of weeks

Time needed to train & deploy a AI model: 

XOKind AI - 5 minutes

scikit-learn - 1 week

Microsoft Azure - 2 weeks

Identify, classify, personalize & predict with AI

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About XOKind AI

We are a team of experts in Machine Learning and aim to make AI available to more people and organizations. We created a low-code AI platform, allowing any developers to build a smart feature powered by machine learning in just a few clicks.

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