Una Pro Tip: Turn Social Media Inspiration into your Next Weekend Trip

Una Pro Tip: Turn Social Media Inspiration into your Next Weekend Trip

You’ve seen those photos all over social media of luxurious hotels, Michelin-star restaurants and beautiful destinations. You’re feeling inspired, but what happens next? While social media is great for providing travel inspiration, it’s lacking when it comes to providing an actionable plan. That’s why we created Una to help people easily discover, plan and book their travel dreams. With Una, you can create an actual trip around a bucket-list experience that caught your eye on Instagram.

Let’s walk through an example trip to San Francisco. Say you’re scrolling through Instagram and an incredibly tempting Michelin-star restaurant called Atelier Crenn pops up on your feed. Now that inspiration has hit, we can use Una to turn your daydream into an amazing weekend vacation!

Find a Restaurant

After you’ve created a trip to SF in Una, navigate to the Find tab and scroll down to the Food & Drink carousel. Tap the arrow to see a full list of restaurants in the area. You can then search for “Michelin restaurant” or “Atelier Crenn” to find the restaurant you saw on Instagram. Tap the plus button to add it to your trip. From here, you can tap into the card to read reviews, view photos and get more details.

Find a Hotel

Now that you’ve added your dream restaurant, you can find a nearby hotel to stay at for the weekend. Swipe the category headers at the top until you see the Hotels category. You can view the hotels in a list view but if you tap on the Map button, you can customize your hotel search even further. Zoom in on the map to where you see the grey pin that indicates where the restaurant is and hit refresh to get an updated search of the top hotels in that area.

Hotel Caza looks lovely, positively reviewed and is so close to the restaurant. After checking their room availability and photos, you can book your stay with a credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Add Personalized Stop Suggestions

After that, let Una’s “For You” carousel recommend additional stops that are tailored to your likes. Swipe through the category headers until you spot “For You”. Tap into the map view to make sure these stops are close to your restaurant and hotel (feel free to zoom or pan and tap refresh to update your results). Add the stops you’re interested in and then tap the Plan tab in the bottom right corner to start organizing your plan.

Optimize Your Route

After you schedule your stops on specific days, you can view your plan on a map. From here, the last step is to select the “Tap to Optimize” button in the top left of the map to optimize your route. Select any stop as your starting point (like your hotel or the restaurant) and Una will suggest the optimal route for your day to reduce your total driving time.

With these 4 simple steps, you’ve planned and booked your trip in one place! Whether planning a spontaneous weekend trip to try out a bucket-list restaurant or planning a longer adventure, Una serves as your personal travel partner. 

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