Why we built Una as the one place for all your travel plans

Why we built Una as the one place for all your travel plans

Travel planning often starts off with an inspiration such as this…

… a photo of a friend (Angela) at an amazing destination that pops up on your Instagram feed! The path from that inspiration to reality is anything but straight forward today. 

If I want to build a trip around the experience of staying at this room with a view at Le Metropolitan in Paris like she did, I might follow up with asking her to send me her trip details via Instagram or email. Angela might in turn have some details in her notes or docs (or Notion!) app which she could share with me. Then I would take each of the items on her trip and enter them into Google or Kayak to find additional info and prices for them. And then I would have to find sites with the best prices and options for hotels, flights, ground transportation etc. In between, I might have to share individual items and links back and forth with my co-travelers via even more chats and emails.

It’s hard to believe that most of us settle for this experience.

Travel planning: Long road from dreaming to reality. Without Una, requires juggling many different sites and apps.
Sharing an itinerary using the Notes app

Now imagine what if Angela could just share a link with me that had her whole itinerary with all the stops, dynamically updated with critical information like pricing and opening hours, her notes suggestions and a one tap book for the whole trip? 

Furthermore, what if you could also customize that trip easily via personalized options?

Sound too good to be true? 

Una – the one place for all your travel plans!

We are well on our way in this journey with Una. You can easily share your itinerary with a couple of taps today. And you can decide whether you want to share it with friends and family, or with the broader Una community. 

Today, we’re announcing our new logo for Una. The one line drawing symbolizes Una as the one place for all your travel plans, and the unifying effect of travel. We went with a modern handwritten style that represents Una’s smarts, ease-of-use and sophistication. And the arrow represents the act of travel as well as finding your perfect spot in Una. The bright yellow background represents sunshine and hope which we hope you’ll find lots of through the experiences you discover via Una.

New Una logo

We are also honored to be featured as a “Hot This Week” app on the App Store alongside apps such as Yummly, Canva and Grammarly.

Una: Hot This Week on the iOS App Store 🔥

Give Una a try for your next trip, whether it’s a day trip or a month long vacation!

Thanks to Angela Laien Xie (who happens to be a Una power user) for sharing her trip picture and notes (from trips taken before Una!).