Una hotels now include Tripadvisor ratings!

Una hotels now include Tripadvisor ratings!

Una’s latest release (1.10) has made finding the right hotel even easier! Una’s hotel cards now display the Tripadvisor review ratings, and specific ratings for things like Location, Service and Cleanliness for most hotels.

Tripadvisor ratings in Una hotel cards

Check out Una’s exclusive hotel deals, which are marked with yellow “deal” tags. If you’re curious to compare hotel prices from other booking providers, tap “Compare prices on Tripadvisor”, located below the list of available rooms displayed in a hotel card.

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This latest release also includes:

  • Design improvements that make hotel booking more intuitive
  • Fast and easy sign up with Google and Apple single sign on

Stay tuned! Una is quickly adding new features including:

  • Support for day trips
  • Entire trip view
  • Enhanced personalization
  • More booking types
  • Additional sources for stays, food and experiences

Let us know how you’re liking Una! We’d love to hear from you at beta@xokind.com.

– The Una Team @ XOKind

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