In the News: Your Summer Road Trip Essential

In the News: Your Summer Road Trip Essential

Una Travel was featured in FOX6 News Milwaukee this week, recommended as a “summer road trip essential.” The news outlet featured parenting expert, Lindsay Pinchuk, who highlighted Una’s special artificial intelligence feature, lodging recommendations, and kid-friendly trip options. 

Air travel has become limited as a result of COVID-19 and so travel experts are calling the summer of 2021 the year of the road trip. Una’s trip-planning options, which include lodging, restaurants, and budget-friendly activities, make it the perfect tool.

“Una is the first app that uses artificial intelligence to plan your trip. It operates as a personal travel planner, which is awesome, and it is free, which is even better!” said Lindsay Pinchuk, founder of Bump Club and Beyond.

We are honored to be selected as a summer road trip essential. Thank you to those who continue to love and share Una!

Watch the full clip here: https://www.fox6now.com/news/make-your-trip-with-kids-that-much-easier