Satisfy your wanderlust and get inspired with Una’s new Trips Feed

Satisfy your wanderlust and get inspired with Una’s new Trips Feed

We are making it easier than ever to discover exciting travel destinations and ideas for your next trip by including the ability to publish trips in Una. Rediscover the wonder of travel now with the new Trips Feed. Get inspired by alternative itineraries for your destination built by other users and travel experts. Share with the Una community the places you know and love, or the tips and tricks to extract the best value. Copy any trip in the feed and customize your itinerary easily with valuable suggestions based on your preferences.

What’s new in Una’s latest release (v1.8):

  • Plan international trips: Find and schedule hotels, and food and beverage establishments around the world from trusted sources like Yelp
    • Hotel content (coverage in 80+ destination countries with bookings coming soon to users in US & Canada) 
    • Restaurants & other activities (coverage in 30+ destination countries)
    • Hikes & vacation rentals (currently US only)
    • Custom stops (global coverage)
  • Trips Feed:  You can now publish a copy of your trip itinerary to the Una Trips Feed (visible under Explore on the Trips tab). Others can use it as inspiration and build their own trips from it

If you’re dreaming up beach stays and sunny days, Una Travel planner will help you explore safer travel options. This includes outdoor activities (hiking, landmarks, paddling, parks and more); restaurants offering outdoor seating and hotels, vacation rentals and campgrounds.  Based on your preferences, Una will suggest stops focused around activities, lodging and food saving you time on researching options.  For example, you’ll be able to search for hikes in your own words. Una will recommend hikes just for you so you can find that perfect trail for your group.  

Now that you can publish your trips to the Una community, don’t forget to invite your co-travelers and family members to join the trip in Una so you can collaborate together as a group.  You’ll be able to capture everyone’s input thereby saving you time and headache during the planning process.  

Download Una on App Store and Google Play Store to start planning that exciting destination travel and enjoy the outdoors safely!