Weekend in Hudson, NY

Weekend in Hudson, NY

Good for: Outdoor explorers, foodies

Hudson is a popular weekend getaway for New Yorkers looking for a change of pace. The city offers several hiking options nearby in addition to some excellent eateries.

  • Spotty Dog Books and Ale: A bar and bookstore combined — grab a beer, sit down at a table, and browse through the books in their collection (which includes a kid’s section).
  • Rivertown Lodge: A cozy boutique hotel with a great brunch offered at their signature restaurant, Tavern.
  • Kaaterskill Falls: Popular hiking trail that’s a short drive away from Hudson.
  • Oak Pizzeria Napoletana: Pizza place located on Warren St, the main city center of Hudson.
  • Le Perche: French spot on Warren St. that’s also popular for brunch.

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