A Day on the Upper West Side

Good for: Foodies, families

A day of activities and food adventures in New York City’s Upper West Side neighborhood. 

  • Barney Greengrass: Grab brunch at the classic Jewish diner featured in several Hollywood films. Famous for their smoked fish. 
  • Levain Cookies: Pick up their chocolate chip walnut cookies and a cup of coffee to go. There are two UWS locations that are just a block away from each other, so try both in case there’s a long line. 
  • American Museum of Natural History: Fun for all ages. Home to fossils of dinosaurs and a blue whale, and includes the Hayden Planetarium where you can watch IMAX movies of space.  
  • Central Park: Stroll around adjacent Central Park after a day at the museum.
  • Pure Thai Cookhouse: Head down to the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood (just south of UWS) for Pure Thai’s Pad Thai made with handmade noodles.


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