Get happy, not stir crazy!

  • Start your day at Koffi South with great coffee and baked goods options. The southern part of Palm Springs tends to be a bit less crowded than the downtown/northern part allowing for a more relaxing and socially distanced start to the day


  • Next, hike a stretch of the nearby Indian Canyon West Fork Trail located inside an Indian reservation. There is a ~$10 entry fee to get in. If the line to get in is too long, feel free to make a U-turn, and head on over to the next stop



  • Big Wheel Tours is a great bike rental shop. They have a big map of suggested bike paths, and our 3 year old loved their bike carriage. The Tahquitz Creek Loop is an easy path to complete in 2-3 hours. Pack a picnic and enjoy it in Demuth Park


  • Enjoy great ice-cream at Kreem across the street from the bike rental.




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