AI Agents as a Service

Drive employee efficiency with ⚡ fast answers & actions

Custom AI agents to automate repetitive tasks and augment your human team on complex tasks

Technical Support

"What's the best answer to this ticket based on recent cases?"


"Display a paywall to free users ready to convert"


"Give me the top 20 leads most likely to convert today"


“Show me anomalous user activity in the last 24 hours”


"Recommend the best products for this audience"


"Book me a dog-friendly weekend itinerary near NYC"

Automatically growing knowledge base

Our AI system automatically grows your knowledge base to capture new information generated via user interactions

Why XOKind AI?

Leverage the latest AI advances

Utilize the latest advances from pre-trained large language models, few-shot learning, and AutoML

Fast integration & deployment

Implement an enterprise-level custom AI solution in weeks instead of months with our unique platform

No backend engineering needed

Effortless to productionize AI on our managed, scalable infrastructure


Customizable and adaptive to your products and services

Multimodal data

Our AI understands texts, images, videos, voices, and even hand drawings

Few-shot learning

Our ML technology can get you started with fewer training samples than what you might think you need

Built by recognized experts

Provide the best

experience with XOKind AI

Need help defining your AI project?

Book a 15-min consultation with an AI expert to identify the best use cases for your business.


Leverage large AI models in weeks instead of months